Anyone know about Mid Price on ISE?

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    Anyone shed light on this...or have used it (too many changes going on for this old man to keep up with)....???

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    I don't know if anyone has had the chance to use it yet. I read about ISE's MPM on walstreet and technology a few months back. They only started trading those 5 nasdaq secutities today. (

    Sounds like they are talking to the CEO on CNBC in a few minutes...


  3. I don't believe they are active yet, at least I am not aware that they are active (I will make some inquiries to ISE members that I know, however). The mechanism strangely reminds me of Pipeline, as the order need to be entered before the bid / ask quotes are shown.
  4. Thanks....I sent an email to them to see if Bright Trading can partner with them to provide liquidity, since we (likely) will not be resting any orders on the NYSE book for the time being.

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    what do you mean by "as the order need to be entered before the bid / ask quotes are shown. "

  6. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    You can use the IB-TWS to both provide the liquidity to the ISE Midpoint match as well as take the existing liquidity at ISE MIdpoint (seamlessly) through the IB-Smart routing.

    The ISE Stock exchange went live today w/ 10 stocks.
  7. OK, I got a call back (very quickly) from my email. Apparently they are starting today with 10 stocks and should have 7000 by December 4th. Price improvement may be possible. Love seeing some competition.

  8. How can you see the new ISE market? Do you need a particular front end?
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    you don't 'see' it as they're not displaing quotes right now.

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    This is an old thread which I am bumping for an update..............

    Who out there has had recent experience with ISE's MPM? I'm referring to the non-displayed MidPoint MatchSM order book. Interested in the Good, Bad, and the ugly. :p

    Thank You, in advance.
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