anyone know about GH Traders?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by wilto1tg, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. wilto1tg


    im debating on whether or not to attend what they called a "boot camp" for GH Traders this weekend in chicago.

    does anyone have any advice on whether or not it is necessary to pay for a training camp in order to become a trader?

    it seemed expensive, $1,500 to be exact.

    i've traded on my own for 7 years, but want to work for a prop shop. any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. krh7


    how did it go? interesting new way for them to make money. hard to believe you can learn trading in a weekend. lol.
  3. wilto1tg


    i didnt end up going. i felt the same way....just another way for some guy to make a quick buck
  4. Anyone know what is going on with GH Traders? I thought they had a website before but I can't find it...theyre still in business right?
  5. varunk666


    dunno who is running the show now but I started my career there and owe my success to them. You can learn a lot from really great traders like Allison,josh etc

    Heard new recruits are given a very short leash but I think It would be worth your money.
  6. rosy2


    is GH the same as penson financial?
  7. Surdo


  8. Jimmy3


    So how was the boot camp ??? Did you learn how to trade ?
  9. HA! Who is 'hosting/running' the "boot camp?" If it's the person I've been told who was doing it before...get the hell out of here. It's always funny to see used car salesmen find another way to sucker some fools out of their money.
  10. Jimmy3


    A guy who runs the boot camp calls himself a genius. Anyone knows how much of a genius he really is ???
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