Anyone know a good tax preparer?

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  1. Nihaba Ashi, I know you must have an affiliation with H&R Block or you wouldn't be pushing them so much. My experience with them has always been negative. Most of the people they employ are trained in a couple of weeks. They are generally people that are out to make some extra cash. They generally have zero experience with day traders and because their promotion is that they will pay all interest and penalties if they are wrong, they error on the side of paying too much too the IRS.

    On a personal note, they milked my 88 year old mother for ten years telling her that she had to file when in fact she didn't just so that they could keep getting their commission. This was told to me by a tax attorney that I was using at the time and I immediately put an end to that.

    Anyone using H&R Block gets exactly what they deserve. LIV
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  2. First of all, I do my own taxes...when I need help I ask questions of a family friend that handles a few trader clients (he's taking no more clients).

    Secondly, the reason why I brought up HR Block because my family use them.

    In addition, I've never heard of a bad experience in all the years of hearing my relatives use them.

    By the way, this board has a bad habit of ACCUSING posters of affiliations with anything. ASKED THE QUESTION about anybody knowing of a tax person in Chicago...I gave you an answer.

    If the answers you seek have limits on time be more clear about what answers you don't want...and I'm sure you'll get answers you feel are more appropriate.

    Here's my question for you:

    Would you feel better I gave you a name of a competitor of HR Block eventhough I have no experience with the competitor...eventhough I know nobody that uses the service?

    Also, the HR Block guy I met has known my parents for over 12 StepFather a former auditor for the Federal Reserve had never complained about his use of HR Block.

    Further, I know many other tax preparers in Chicago that have trader clients (heard they work with traders). Although I can't verify this because I personally know nobody that uses them.

    Obviously since I've HEARD of them and even though I have never used them myself...I must be an AFFILIATE of them if I was to mention their names.

    Therefore, I won't bother mentioning their names.

    Good luck and hope you find someone to help you out.

    By the way, I had a hamburger from A&W today. It did me no stomach poisoning or anything like that...tasted good...hmmm...I'm probably an AFFILIATE :D

    Nihaba Ashi
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  3. Nihaba Ashi
    You brought up the A&W comparison not me. Your recommending H&R Block for professional day traders is like someone asking me the name of a fine restaurant in the Chicago area and my telling them to go to a place named McDonald's (or A&W's). I'm sure they won't get a stomach ache, but they also wouldn't get quality, and that's what I'm concerned about, not simply a lack of complaints.

    You must have a lot of time on your hands, (between doing tax returns for H&R Block. . . just kidding.) because you are spending an awful amount of time making all these post touting an franchise tax firm. It just makes me wonder.

    Anyway I'm sure you are going to respond to this post, and match me one to one for as long as it takes. I'm a professional trader and have been for many years. I don't have time for this nonsense. So I concede . . . all you traders out there, use H&R Block, you'll be smiling all the way to the bank.
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  4. Hey LivToTrade...

    I think your getting me confused with someone else.

    I've only responded 2 or 3 times to individuals asking for a in person tax provider.

    I believe my current post count is +50. Lets the math...2 or 3 post replies (not counting the debates between you and I) out of +50 is not many posts.

    I've also discussed QCharts several times out of +50 posts. I've also mentioned a few times out of the +50 posts. I've also mentioned BRCM on several occassions...hmmmm...

    I'm probably an affiliate of all the above :D

    Maybe you didn't read right...I DO NOT USE HR BLOCK.

    MY PARENTS DO. They have never had a problem.

    You seem to have a way of exaggerating a bit via simply saying..."spending an awful amount of time making all these post touting an franchise tax firm"...hmmmm.

    Lets see...the day a office of HR Block is built in the country I currently reside in...I'll go check it out, chat a bit and I'll post again to let you know how they treated me.

    Maybe I'll fly to the U.S. and check into their Chicago offices to meet some of their clients that are getting such bad service :cool:

    LivToTrade...take it easy...and A&W is king :D
    and nobody makes root beer better than A&W.

    Yes...I'm an affiliate of A&W because its obvious after..."spending an awful amount of time making all these post touting a fast food place".

    A lot better than that 4 star resturant I went to a few weeks ago (bad salmon).

    By the many professional traders do you know that uses or used HR Block?

    (Trick question)

    If they are no longer using HR Block...maybe you should ask them who they are currently using...and spend your time researching and talking to those potential tax preparers.

    Last of all...I do not apologize for all the above sarcasm. :)

    Edited this in: I've also discussed another tax information affiliate?

    Nihaba Ashi
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