Anyone know a good tax preparer?

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  1. Does anyone know of a good tax preparer/financial planner who has a broad experience preparing for professional traders in the Chicago (Northside) or the northern suburbs? Thanks. LIV
  2. Thanks Darkhorse I went to your url and it looks interesting. I might have to resort to online tax preparation, but I'm really looking to establish a long term relationship with someone who has done a substantial number of equity and especially daytrading returns. Most preparers have never even filed for a daytrader.

    But I'm looking for someone in my area, that is Chicago and the northern suburbs. There's got to be a number of them around here, after all we have the CBOT, the CBOE, mercantile Exchange et al.

    Chicago daytraders, where are you, I know you're out there. Give me a referral please. Thanks. LIV
  3. Tax?? What is that? Some mechanism for wealth distribution, perhaps, whereby the fruits of the workers are given over to the bums... I can only conjecture, since I have had no personal experience of this phenomenon called Tax...
  4. lol. Good point Candle... it's funny how people love to pay taxes in this country (USA) These same people like to make their taxpaying a moral/ethical issue. :p It's funny because they seem to think that paying taxes has to do with being an American... They seem to forget that the ever increasing wealth distribution in this country is more characteristic of a Marxist/Socialist/Communistic state. (No I'm not saying that those three are the same!) Individual freedom, responsibility, and reward are pillars that have given this country strength and wealth. blah blah blah..... zzzz.. (I'm putting myself to sleep with this idealogy babble.)

    Back on topic, I have no idea where you can find a good tax accountant; sorry. I am searching too...of course I don't live in Chicago.... :)

  5. Are you freakin' kidding me? What are you smoking?

    I pay taxes because I don't feel like going to jail or having the IRS come take the furniture from my house.

    I'm willing to bet that traders are one of the most libertarian, anti-government groups overall because we fight for our money instead of having it handed it to us. Show me a trader who loves to pay uncle sam and I'll show you a sadomasochist schizo fruitcake.

    What country do u live in where taxes are no issue Candle? The only two I can think of off the top of my head w/ no effective income tax are Monaco and Russia (and Russia basically has a mafia tax). Or maybe you have one of those lawyers on $80,000 retainer maintaining a string of lossmaking shell corporations? Or perhaps you are on welfare and losing money in the mkts taking a loss on your schedule D each year....
  6. Yup, that's me!

  7. I know the Chicago area very well (grew up there for 15 years...left when I was a teenager).

    HR Block is all over the Chicago area and I have a
    friend from Chicago that's a fulltime trader that uses HR Block.

    My parents also uses HR Block in Chicago because of their complicated tax issues (investments, inheritance, small business stuff).

    Their very happy also.

    Stop by one of their local offices in Chicago.

    Nihaba Ashi

  8. Seriously though, if u have a solid way of avoiding taxes w/out bein' at major risk of incarceration then let me know....
  9. Here's an excerpt from a message I just sent to Pabst who was kind enough to reply to my original question.

    "I think I have a mental block about doing my own taxes. Probably because I don't believe in the present tax system. I mean, we had a little tea party in Boston about a 1% excise tax issued by King George and now Americans don't bat an eye about paying 50% when you consider federal, state, and local taxes.

    Back then colonists claimed taxation without representation. Today I say we have overtaxation with misrepresentation. The government, is doing all the wrong things with our money and giving it to people that don't deserve it.

    Given all that, I still pay my taxes."

    Still Looking. LIV :)
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