Anyone know a good place to start for Commodity jobs in Chicago?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Martim, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Martim


    Focus on commodities? I trade Sugar for a French Trading House and would like to stick in this realm.
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  2. Sig


    I don't know of any MBA program that's focused on commodities specifically. But if you want a job in commodities any of the top 10 MBA programs, of which Booth is generally considered one, will provide you the path to get there (internship, network, and project opportunities). I'm not super familiar with Booth but I do know that at least my business school was very closely networked with the local area (silicon valley in my case). For example, we had a lot of cases that featured local companies where the CEO of that company would come in for that class session and then have lunch with the class afterward, there were half a dozen brown bag lunch sessions with mid-level folks from local companies every day, and several classes were co-taught by people actively running companies (Eric Schmidt co-taught an entrepreneurship class while he was CEO of Google, for example). Given the connection Chicago has to commodities I'd guess Booth would be the best place to go if that was your interest just to get those kind of every day interactions for a year and a half.
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  6. I hate to break it to you but commodities and Chicago is dead. There are fully electronic exchanges but no more jobs in commodities. If you want to trade commodities then go to Geneva, Hong Kong, China, Paris, Singapore. Chicago? Lol

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  7. ETJ


    Depending on your skill set - they always have a few commodity trader opening.
    This is 1 day old - complete details go up on pretty much all the financial job boards, but be quick there are a ton of DB resumes already on the street.
    Sugar is a pretty narrow subset - BP has a size trading operation in the space of the old CME floor - they usually have a couple of dozen openings, all energy-related.

    Commodities Trader / Portfolio Manager
    Citadel US Chicago, IL, USA
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  8. REDP1800


    computer programming or you are almost worthless
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    I know little about this, but if you have trading experience then what about starting your own IA or CTA?

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    They have posted and re-posted this job a zillion times. I have already applied. They low balled the experience and trading requirements so they could get a bunch of responses but they clearly are holding out for Jesus. That or maybe I am just not a good fit. Who knows. But thanks for sharing.
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