Anyone know a good place to start for Commodity jobs in Chicago?

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    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    If you're in with your guidance counselor to see if they can get your feet in the door via an internship.

    Yet, if you're an Alum (you've graduated years ago)...give your university a phone call and do the same...start networking that route even if they can not find any internships. In fact, I knew two guys that re-enroll at a nearby university in Chicago (they took a few business classes even though they graduated many years ago) just so they can access the available internships.

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    I graduated in 2009...been a full decade :) you think that option will still work?
  4. Sure. Just make sure your resume doesn't include work experience and dye your hair.
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    I know several that returned to college about 3 - 4 years ago after graduating in the early 1990s...they took business classes and joined the university trading team...competed in a few international trading competitions such as the Rotman @

    Landed a few internships and today now have jobs in Chicago, Montréal, Paris France and London U.K.

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    Thank you for this...appreciated.
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    Chicago Booth's a great MBA program for finance. A bigger commitment than a couple of classes, but you'll easily be able to network/internship you way into a job through that and 9 years out of undergrad is still in the window.
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    Amazing. Thank you for this!
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