Anyone know a broker who offers Tradestream Pro?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jimsummers, May 22, 2003.

  1. I found this new product which lets you trade futures, options and equities and has some really good technical analysis tools which I demoed and were very good - even better then Tradestation, which I use now.

    But it doesnt seem to be supported by any brokers I know, anyone know one who offers it?

  2. jem


    Let me beat TM Direct to this:

    Have you tried Shill Securities.

    As I have been hit by the same statment by TM I just could not control my keyboard. I apoligize if you have no relatioship with the above product.

  3. Tradestream is an awesome platform for the $$$

    NDX uses it ,,,,,

    also if you go to
    you can get connected to somebody who uses it.....They have two platforms...level 1.5 an II

    Ask for paul at centratrade and he'll hook you up....they also offer IQ, PointDirex and a couple other a la carte software....

    Shill dropped tradestream after the mr. market deal was announced because they no longer will be using level II platforms...instead they will rely on YAHOO Messenger to enter orders:D
  4. I spoke to NDX, they seem to have great customer support and have the Tradestream software. Got it going today and so far so good!

    Appreciate your help. :<)
  5. Did you go with the 1.5 or the II???

    I found the level II to be enormous....i like the simplicity and the speed of 1.5 ....they are really late into the Direct Access game but for the money I think they may have the best over all value,,,,let me know how it works out for you.