Anyone Jump On That RIMM Breakout?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ess1096, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. ess1096


    I grabbed a Call position. It could gather some MoMo.
  2. Shorts getting hammed.
  3. bot 5k sold for a quick 1.5 only left 40k on the table. no biggie
  4. ess1096


    I don't trade stocks either, hence the call position.

    I trade futures as well, but not stock futures except for stock index futures.
  5. superfec


    i am coming around to the same conclusion, but am curious as to your reasons why you prefer trading futures? i think ...well, it seemz with the equity indexes, which is what interests me, it seemz you have a market which trends smoother, is less given to sudden moves, and is much easier way to track the smart money, via volume. your thoughtz?
  6. This is a perfect example of what type of garbage posts litter this site... there is just enough "information" in this post to allow one to believe that this poster has something useful to contribute. Unfortunately, after reading it again and really trying hard to decipher that bit of useful information or thougthout commentary, i find nothing but BS....

    Irrespective of the underlying BS, lets dispell a myth: futures are not somehow better or more "user friendly".

    If you have problems with the liquidity in RIMM you must be one seriously large fish.

    The thread starts off with a RIMM question - "wunder" here starts talking about liquidity (why???).... There WAS TONS of liquidity in RIMM's 12 point RIP today... Then he goes into what one "needs" to be trading... i.e. a very liquid market. Then we have the alpha/beta BS...

    Enough already, I digress.
  7. prix



    Howcome every single time you post you create this illusion of trading wisdom yet all that comes from that wisdom is nothing but crap ?

    You are not fooling anyone with your amateurish adolescence bullshit.

  8. No man, nobody wants your edge. That's irrelevant.

    Look, did you trade RIMM today? Simple question...

    No? You didn't? Okay, no problem. Move on.

    What you need not be doing is spouting off some trite BS about liquidity/alpha/beta and the (albeit accurate) tax implications of futures versus stocks to some newb.

  9. Hah... that's funny. To each his own; I trade both pal. I've been doing this for a while too.

    Let's focus some of your adolescent energy on pulling your foot out of your mouth. It's a start.... then we'll work on getting your head out of your ass. That's going to be tough though, once you get a head that big lodged in there - it tends to cause some permanent damage.

    Good luck,

  10. prix


    I can also claim superb returns and a 12 inch dick. Just like paper, a forum post, can hold anything. If you were at least posting something useful but the ridiculous claims plus the absurd commentary gives away your juvenile and inexperienced nature.

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