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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by elie, Feb 11, 2001.

  1. elie



    until now I could not find somebody who is using the falconeye software. and the 10 days trial is without level2,so I couldnt see how it works. until now falconeye didnt reply my question, where(which board) I could find some user of their software.
    maybe i will find one or more user here.

    best of luck

  2. mjt


    I tried their service out about 6 months ago. I don't know if they've changed their service any since then, but I didn't find it very useful back then. The stocks that were highlighted seemed to be for the most part very illiquid.

    BTW, don't they charge just the exchange fees ($10) for Nasdaq level 2 with the free trial?
  3. elie


    mjt, thanx for Your answer. the trial is without Level2.
    it seems to me that anyway, nobody(or not many) is using it.

    best of luck

  4. mindgame


    I've gave falconeye 3 months... very disappointed with their product, although the concept is interesting.

    1. The datafeed with hyperfeed2000 is about 5-14 seconds behind esignal. Depending on how active the stock is trading. I've inquired with them asking if they plan on interfacing with other data vendors... reply.. not at this time. So tell me what is the use of a level II indicator when its to late.

    2. Documentation sucks... they have a bunch of indicators but very poor and brief description of what its about. Not how to use it, or what its primary use is.

    5minDeltaQuality / 5minStdDevFromTrend

    Vertical Axis:
    5 minute Delta Quality: This indicator takes the values derived from the 5 minute Delta indicator and multiples them by R². This indicator measures both the expected price movement and the quality of the price trend over a rolling 5-minute period.

    Horizontal Axis:
    5 minute Standard Deviation From Trend: This indicator measures a security's inherent price volatility over a rolling 5-minute period. It is calculated as the 5 minute exponential moving average of the deviation of trade price from the regression line of a security's trade prices.

    Okays... In common moronic language, what does that mean...
    Any use??? not really, you'll spend soo much time trying to figure our what this all means, you'll miss out on any major moves..

    3. The plus side is it displays the overall market mood as they call it, weither the nasdaq is bearish or bullish... Very pretty display, useful?? nope... but pretty...

    Hope this is helps... if you got esignal, you'll get more info from a properly setup session, than pretty pictures...

    happy trading :)
  5. elie



    thanx a lot for Your info. exactly what I thought. it looks and sounds good, but nobody is using it.
    I had once a the esignal trial and I was not so happy about the software. I didnt feel comfortable with it. I am using qcharts. but qcharts has lot of problems with the data.
    how do You think is esignal compared to qcharts? I mean the data, like You said that falconeye is 5-14 seconds behind.

    thanx again and best of luck

  6. mindgame


    I cant speak for qcharts, but esignal datafeed matches the level II info i get from cybercorp. I do not use cybertrader, i use the plain cyberX2 with level II.

    Even though i tried omnitrader2000, metastock7.0, tradestation 2000 pro, deepinsight2000, and many other softwares.. You can find copies of these programs sold on CDs in various Usenets. After checking them out, i use none of them... I find that the simple features of esignal is all i need.

    Now if you are a swing/position player, then these program will have their uses. But in my case all i need is a simple chart, level II, time and sales tape, and monitor 4 market makers activity for a given stock i plan on playing.
    I normally trade for 30-60 mins a day, and then i crash back to bed...

    cheers :)