Anyone into collecting wristwatches as a hobby?

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  1. Are fine wristwatches a good investment or not?
  2. yeah, im fascinated by mechanical watches and have a small collection . i recommend buying them pre-owned and you can make money if you buy them correctly. however, it's a hobby for me, i don't plan on making money with it. the best magazine on watches is Revolution.


  3. Where's the best place to buy and sell them? How do you avoid buying a fake or stolen property or worst yet a "lemon" that requires expensive repair?

    Do you buy only certain brands? Is there some sort of unofficial top 10 watch makers list in the collector wristwatch circle? I mean some brands have more mystique than the others.


  4. study and learning about each brand is the best way to avoid being ripped off with a fake. everyone has their favorites but the primary collectable top 10 list would be--- in my opinion--

    1. patek phillipe
    2. vacheron constantin
    3. franck muller
    4. roger dubuis
    5. ulysse nardin
    6. audemar piquet
    7. harry winston
    8. IWC
    9. richard mille
    10. rolex

    and the lessers:

    1. cartier
    2. panerai
    3. zenith
    4 movado-- they have some good looking watches now!
    5. ebel
    6. tag heur

    yeah, i like franck muller and roger dubuis. I do not like patek despite this brand being the most likely to apprieciate and the most collectable. buy what you like, just like art, don't buy as an investment untill you become an expert..... it's a tough market.

    believe it or not, ebay is a great source for pre-owned watches--paypal offers protection against fakes/lemons.

    here are some other good places to buy pre-owned and save a ton:


  5. no, but i squander time

    and, time IS money :p
  6. What's the best guide book suitable for newbie into this hobby? Thanks!
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    Anyone into collecting wristwatches as a hobby?

    I didn't really realize it, but I think I must be, 'cause about every twelve months I have to run down to Walmart to get a new one.
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  9. lol.... You know your sporting a mighty fine watch when its cheaper to replace it rather than take it to a jeweler for a new battery
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