anyone interested in starting local trading groups,or instant messanger groups?Oma,NE

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by mathew1659, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. i use skype, yahoo an aim occasionally. would be interesting to chat with other traders during the day about the trades were in. OR if any traders around omaha, ne interested in occasionally meeting up for a beer or two an talking about the markets, i know my girlfriend isnt the most interested in talking about possibly shorting some stock that is looking to head south an starting to show a negative macd crossover.
    she just calls an says oh i hear the market did good this week, was it good for you? guys gotta know what i mean.....
  2. Interested I have traded for about 10 years sometimes it can be lonely. Good to chat and talk it out. Send me a email.
  3. I'm interested
  4. I am with a group in a non commercial chat room with a focus on trades and not politics beyond normal conversation

    If your not negative your welcome to join us. PM me details. newbes, retail, prop, futures, and equity traders are all there. Its nice to have multiple sets of eyes and ideas as well as the ability to get a fast answer to questions.

    there is no cost and no sales pitches