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Discussion in 'Trading' started by sussex, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. sussex


    I am looking for a top performing trader to manage an account for me. Those interested will need to show an excellent long term track record with a reasonable sized account, minor drawdowns and a solid money management system.

    I wish to gross inexcess of 8% per month after commissions with an initial account of approximately $700,000. I will pay an performance/incentive fee of 25% of profits at the end of each month. A 'high water mark' will apply with a 2+ year investment horizon.

    I am based in Europe. Anyone interested please mail me initially.
  2. A 100%+ a year with minor drawdowns?

    Whats minor? 5% , 10%, 20% or 30%?
  3. sussex


    not >10% ideally
  4. ktm


    8% a month with minor drawdowns?

    Yeah, that should be easy. LOL.

    By noon today, I expect you'll have about 10 funds who have sent you their records.

    I hope you haven't grown too attached to that 700K.
  5. I ran through a database with fundmanagers and that gave me the following:

    based on a 36 months track record:

    ONE fund made the return you want: 96.20% annualized. Drawdown was 39.67%

    The second made 64.02% annualized with a drawdown of 45.64%.

    The best funds with less than 10% drawdown:

    annualized return of 46.24% with a drawdown of 7.78%
    annualized return of 32.98% with a drawdown of 6.65%
    annualized return of 27.57% with a drawdown of 8.70%

    Conclusion: keep on dreaming.
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    Correct me if I am wrong....but why would someone who can make 8 percent a month (which is pretty damn impressive), take a deal that only pays out 25 percent? This same person could go to just about any prop shop/someone who backs people and get a minimum of 50 percent.....I have a buddy who just got backed by someone who gives him a 50 percent cut of profits...and isnt making crazy demands
  7. ozzy


    Hi Everyone.

    I am also looking for someone to manage a large account. I am looking for 25% return per month and maximum annualized drawdown of 3%. Please PM me if you are interested.

    Thanks and Regards,
  8. Only one man can do it.

    Where is sKaLpZer?
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  10. He will probably scalp the account instead of the market.

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