Anyone interested in forming a daytrading trade alert group via Blackberry Messenger?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by snowbren, May 4, 2010.

  1. snowbren


    Hey fellow daytraders,

    I am not a member of a chat room with ideas for trade trigger/stop/target levels, but I wondered if anyone is connected out their via their Blackberrys? It would be interesting to receive possible trade alerts via the Blackberry Messenger, whereby someone's idea could be sent to everyone in the group. I thought to ask, as I would be interested in sharing ideas this way.

  2. for what future? stock? option? Forex?commodity?
  3. snowbren


    Hey, I am trading equities on Lightspeed. Looking to link up with other traders and find a platform to post trade recommendations (entry, stop, and profit target) levels.
  4. snowbren


    I thought to modify my original post and suggest AOL IM. If anyone out there wants to link up and bounce trade suggestions off each other, I will be glad to chat via AOL IM. I have it running at work, but would appreciate discussing possible trade setups or good trades in play.

  5. snowbren


    Thanks for the heads up! I am working right over the border in Connecticut, but always enjoy events in the city.
  6. Hey snowbren i am trading on light speed also prop
    We could chat on aol or something.
  7. snowbren


    Thanks, I definitely would be interested in forming an AOL IM group or Blackberry Mesenger IM...there are a couple of other people also interested.

  8. I believe there is an Elite forum (forget the name -- not this one) that is dedicated to helping traders hook up, so you might want to post there.