Anyone interested in developing a new trading platform?

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  1. This is a call to all programmers, developers, and traders alike. I'm highly interested in getting some insight on what would be required to develop a trading platform. Also any feedback on what are some elements that your current trading platform lacks and you wish it had. If there is anyone that would be interested in participating in this project let me know. Feel free to provide your input in this thread or DM me with your thoughts and insight. Thanks.
  2. rb7


    What do you mean by a "trading platform" ?

    It could means more than one thing, depending of who you talk to.
  3. fan27


    What trading platforms have you already used? What do you think they lack?
  4. Great question. By trading platform I'm referring to the actual desktop application that is used to enter and exit trade orders.
  5. I've used a few platforms for trading equities. For example, DAS Trader, Sterling Trader, Fusion to name a few. Personally, I think all platforms have their strenthgs and weaknesses. I'd like a platform that can perhaps combine the strengths from each of these platforms into one along with any suggestions from others.
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    Then you can develop new weaknesses. What works for one may not work for another. Impossible to nail down everything, without creating more. There are so many platforms, adding another one won't help. They all have their quarks, learning how to make them work and trade successfully should be the objective, not developing a new platform.
  7. That's a very valid statement. I agree with you but what I would mostly like is a trading platform where a bunch of traders can provide their input on what they would like the most in their platform. I don't want to sound too cliche but basically a trading platform made by traders and made for traders.
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    What are the lacking features that you would like to see?
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    What is your coding background?
  10. Unfortunately, very limited to say the least. I was hoping for this to pick up steam from some experienced developers that would be willing to create a platform based upon the majority's liking. Do you have some experience with coding?
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