Anyone interested in a day to day economic log?

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Is a day to day economic / business news log useful?

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  1. Say there is a log that covers:

    1) All the economic news, report of the day
    2) Speeches of the day from Federal reserve official
    3) A summary of what moves the market
    4) selected sectors indices gain/loss of the day

    And all of the above covers the entire year, so approximately 300 log files or so, would anyone be interested?

    As I find it very useful to view a certain day, or week chart of a certain stock and wants to know what happens that day or that week, and what causes that stock or that sector to move up or down.

    As an e.g.
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    Do you have it for FX? I'd definitely be interested. Are you selling something or what?

  3. I have my own personal database for such that covers economic new releases with times (U.S. and Europe), Fed Speeches and ECB speeches with times, summary of what I thought moved the market or caused key intraday swing points, realtime chat log along with 4 key market charts...

    Going back many years of trading.

    4 Key Market Charts (intraday): U.S. Dollar Index, S&P 500, DAX and Light Crude Oil

    This is the most important aspect of my trade journal summary and I do believe is the main reasons why I'm able to avoid drawdown periods because it helps with my market seasonal tendency database.

    What I don't have is any sector info nor have I needed it.

    However, what I do is a pain in the butt each trading day and is one of the main reasons why I spend from about 3:15pm est to 4:15pm est in preparing it...

    There's at least one trading day per week where I'm unable to complete it due to family reasons.

    If there's an easy way of doing what I'm already doing and if it contains as good info as I maintain...

    I would be very interested...please tell more especially if someone is already doing it and can reduce my one hour daily summary down to a few minutes of work.

    (a.k.a. NihabaAshi) Japanese Candlestick term
  4. Thompson Financial did a mid day and eod market wrap up. They used to provide it to institutional subscribers, I'm not sure if they still have it now.

    Have you guys tried blogging your respective areas of expertise? then all you have to do is link to each others blog and see what's going on in other markets. Actually I'd be very interested to subscribe to such a blog feed. You could put google adsense and that would pay for your blogging time. So rather than writing the stiff down in your personal notebooks, you're essentially getting paid to make your notebook available online.
  5. Not me nor am I interested in such.

    My main use of my personal trade journal and the stuff I mentioned above is offline without the need of a computer.

    However, if others are have the time to put such online as a blog or website...

    I'll be interested in taking a look at it especially if its from the perspective of a futures trader.

    (a.k.a. NihabaAshi) Japanese Candlestick term

  6. I have everything except ECB speeches. Bernanke did cover some aspect of international economy in a no. of his speeches. You find ECB speeches important to US Economy? I covered the FOMC minutes and Beige Book in my journal, but not ECB.

    As to Fed Official speeches, I read thru all of them except the last 2 speeches from Jeff Lacker, I stopped reading it since I find out he is mentally insane. :D We should all be relief that he is fired and won't be a FOMC member again until Jan 2009. Let him do his short-selling.

    I kept the daily Crude oil, Natural Gas, Heating Oil, Unleaded, Dow Industrial, Nasdaq, I don't keep US dollars graph. As to monthly and quarterly, I kept the sector indices of Retail, Housing, Gold, Oil, Oil service, along w/ Crude and unleaded. Needless to say, most yearly and YTD graphs on all sorts of US stocks.

    You got to be kidding that you can finish it in 1 hr. On an average econ. report day, said 3 reports, it takes about 4 hr. to read all the reports, as I read more than 1 version of the same econ. report, for e.g., I'll read CNN ver., Yahoo Finance ver., Reuter ver., then Marketwatch ver., as quite often one writer would always either missed something, or the article is too short, or there is an error in their report.

    Then as a final touch, for the daily market review, I'll go thru the above 4, CNBC and Briefing to extract what these people said and sum up what moves the market that day based on the above 6 sources.

    On a long econ. day, to be prepared a report for my own, with focus in housing, oil and retail sector (if those news appears), takes about 8 to 10 hr.

    On a very long econ. day, there is no way that day's report can be finished on that day. It has to be finished in a few days.

    Have a look at these reports (see below): You tell me if you can finish it in 1 hr. Because just to read all these reports, takes easily 6 - 7 hr., for e.g., go to yahoo finance and read the Assoicate Press report on Walmart Nov 2, 2006 monthly retail sales, the guy who wrote it said they made 25.71 million. I thought, w/ 25.71 million, wal-mart would have gone bankrupt long ago.

    And yeah, in that case, it's just a typo of Billion to Million, but he made me wonder what other error is in that report. So I have no choice but to dig around to other report of Wal-mart retail mth. sales (as Wal mart is a barometer as you all know) from other sources. In the end, my experience is there is no one source that covers all aspect of a report, whether it is an oil report, or econ. report, or a business news report.

    Due to imageshack limitation, I have to split the files:

    Part A

    Part B

    Jun 14 Part A

    Part B:

    Part C

    Part D:
  7. what is FX?

    I am thinking of selling these daily journal. But where should I market these? I have been reading these reprots for 10 - 15 years now, but never keep a log. As for myself, I find it quite often when I look at a day or week graph of a certain stock, I need to find out what happened that day which cause that particular stock to behave like that. So in the past 1.5 yr. or so, I begin the journal. Then as a bonus, I found the benefit of having a log is to have a "footprint" or a "template" that when certain events occurs again, I would know what would happens in the near future.

    I was thinking of marketing the above at ebay, but I vaguely recall ebay has a rule that doesn't allow me to link http on their ad. I have to ask them.

    But what are the major stock trading forums in USA besides this one? Anyone knows?
  8. Alright, where are the bigger board?

    I know of Silicon Investor, but I think they charge people just to be a member that can write mesg.. I used to be a member, and back then there is no fee to write mesg.
  9. I trade futures and not stocks.

    Therefore, a big YES that being aware of what moves the U.S. markets in the overnight globex session or anything prior to the U.S. economic reports being releases...

    A futures trader needs to follow the ECB speeches and other key European economic releases.

    However, if a futures trader doesn't swing trade, position trade or only watches the regular trading session...

    No need to follow the ECB info nor any European key economic report releases.

    Also, I think the only reason why it takes you many hours to prepare your own personal report is because you may be covering a much larger spectrum than me.

    In comparison, I'm very focus on a few trading instruments and I'm not designing anything for the mass...

    It's just for myself and nobody else.

    Don't anticipate and trade the report numbers. Instead, trade the price reaction to the report numbers if a pattern signal appears.