anyone incorporating Keltner Channels

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by GreenDog, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. for help in timing entry/exit.

    I never have -- but I've recently talked with traders who swear by them. I generally do have Bollinger Bands on my charts, but don't use them as a primary signal.



    PS - My time frame is the 5 minute (along w/ 1 and 30 minute charts) on the QQQ
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    Yes. Along with volume and moving averages they are the only indicators I use.

  3. DaveN


    I've used them for many years now. I guess it's what you get used to seeing on a chart, kind of a frame of reference. For me, it's Keltners. They are invaluable for me to put bounds on a market and see it's movement that much more clearly.
  4. to Bollinger Bands??


    Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Brandon, or anyone else, what settings do you use ?
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    I have a lesson on them in the members section of my site that is (IMO) very good. I will get ahold of our webmaster and have her release them so I can post it here and you can access it without being a member of my site.

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  9. I may slap some Keltners on my charts for the next few days. Not sure I would have needed the Keltners on those charts you posted in your link -- the bear flags looked pretty solid based solely on their pullback to the ema during a strong trend.

    My goal is always to keep my charts as uncluttered as possible - lean and mean. But I'll do a little more digging on the Keltners and give them a look.

    Thanks again.

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    That's very generous of you, Brandon. Thanks for sharing the link.

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