Anyone in Scottsdale, AZ trade the DAX...?

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    I am a young trader who is looking for some advice from any veteran DAX traders. I have been trading the S&P's for almost 2 years and am now working on incorporating the DAX into my trading system. I appreciate any advice that is given.
  2. hey there...well I guess I am in the same boat you are perhaps?...I made my first DAX trade today...netted 7 the DAX...tight spreads and HUGE point it because easier to control 1 DAX contract vs. 10 ES contracts etc....have you traded the DAX yet?...why do you like the DAX? trading to you...!!!
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    I agree with you completely. It's like pulling teeth sometimes to gain points on the ES, but the DAX moves very well. At this time I'm just paper trading the DAX and back testing some systems to see which works best before I start activly trading it. So far I've come up with 3 systems that seem to work ok, but I've still got a lot of work to tweak them. I'm really looking to try and put some of them into automation and take slow conservative profits.

    I'm in Scottsdale and I noticed that theres really not many posts about the DAX even though they are such a great futures contract to trade.

    I would love to hear your opinion on the DAX and how you go about trading it.
  4. Yup, the DAX moves fast and furious. That's why its called the pickpocket. Good luck :cool:

  5. hey there..I will write is a great link
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    Excellent links, thanks...I'm working on a couple systems right now I'll be posting them soon for feedback if you don't mind
  7. never traded the DAX - is it crazier than CL?
  8. I've traded my opinion...the CL is crazier than the consistently has wider bid/ask spreads that can stop you out easier...the DAX seems to have tight spreads of .5 to 1.0...also moves around more "carazier" in my opinion...BUT...the DAX is a close second "crazy" future to trade...
  9. like I've said...I've only traded it once...but really like the potential and the 1 point=25 Euros! style is following the momentum flow and going with it...only really want to make 1 DAX trade per day for 5-6 points...simple goal for now...I am also studying how the DAX reacts when the US market opens...I believe this is important to expose the divergences between the DAX and YM, ES...means great set-ups for the DAX...
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