Anyone in Manhattan?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by kkkkk, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. kkkkk


    I am wondering if anyone here from the upper east side of Manhattan is interested in meeting regarding trading and strategy development.
    Any trading groups in the city that are recommended?
  2. fatrat


    I'm on the west side at Columbia Univ. I'll meet up with you on campus sometime, if you'd like.

    I was looking into whether the university had a way to form a gambling club or trading club, but it seems there's a great deal of bureaucracy involved.
  3. fatrat


    Then you probably should go long on wanking-supplies companies.
  4. I'm interested in networking with other people who know how to make money, I.E. someone who can offer a two way street as far as sharing useful ideas... otherwise, talking to someone who "doesn't get it" serves me no purpose. I may seem like an ass, but I'm being more honest and candid than the majority of traders you'll encounter (especially in Manhattan) will ever be.
  5. rdm239


    i have been trading for about a year and still have a way to go, but I am making it a career. I live downtown in nyc, trade the er2, and love to shoot the shit with some guys who trade er2 or at least nq or sp. If you wanna grab a beer send a pm. I don't wanna be jerk, but questions about brokers and stuff you could learn on the CME website shouldn't be what we talk about.
  6. rosy2


    whats the cost of living in manhattan. I have seen pay packages that are quite large but then I see rents at about $2500+/month
  7. kkkkk


    The UES rent for a 2 or 3 bedroom will be 3 to 6 K depending where you live. I thought you said you lived in the city.
    btw- If I meet up it will be mainly to discuss trading.
  8. Jeph B

    Jeph B

    your post is a little dated, If youre still interested in meeting up let me know.
  9. I'd be down for some chit chat. To be honest, I don't really discuss the deep technicals of how I trade, but meeting with some other traders that know what they're talking about is always interesting.

    How's about sometime in the next two weeks? If people are interested..
  10. Nah Manhattan's dead, no traders or finance people there. I propose we set up a meeting in Barrow, Alaska. Anyone game?
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