Anyone In Malibu, Surrounding Area?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by TradeWarrior310, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Looking for other traders in the area, all my friends are happy slaving for the man, no one wants to learn to trade! I've been at it for about six months, I'm at the breakeven phase of the learning curve, still half-in my former profession looking to trade my way out. More about me at and my email is
  2. hey,

    i like your musical tastes/style. the CA bands suicidal tendencies, DRI and black flag made me believe i could be more than just a freaking clone back in highschool ( a long long time ago!)

    welcome to elite and the markets!

    good luck!

  3. Hey thanks man, you mentioned Suicidal, I've been playing with Louichi, the original bassist, we do a punk karaoke thing it's killer, there's video footage of some of it floating around myspace, if you go to my myspace and scroll down the comments there's this dude who left pics, his myspace name is RasKel, go to his space and check the footage, Welcome2Venice it's pretty cool, they did a Suicidal 1st album lineup reunion except for Mike Muir, he's an asshole, sued those guys over music, tried to hoard and steal it they have different singers come up, haha I guess it's another Karaoke band except...the real players, pretty sick! Anyway thanks for the reply, I'll add you to buddies, have a good one!