Anyone in Dubai?

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    I'm trading here at DPTG and wanting to know if there are any other traders in and around here?

    Maybe we can get together for drinks at Barasti or something... lemme know!
  2. Are u trading futures there
    How does it work are u like employed with profit sharing or just trading with your own money ?


    Yup! Im at DPTG here doing futures (outrights in bund,bobl,schatz and stoxx). Haven't been doing it that long though so still have a LOT to learn :)

    Im trading my own account so just paying desk and software. A couple of guys here are backed and on a profit split (no idea about the split, never asked).

    Where are you based?
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    Hi there

    I'm based in Dubai. I trade Forex full-time, Not with DPTG but perhaps I could answer a question or 2?

  5. how do you get a trading job in dubai? is pay nice?
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  7. GGB


    Hi Every body
    I am trader FGBL and FDAX as well . Every day I made prediction and after that I show my result. I am preparing on line webex meeting on my Ninja trader platform for others traders.
    Regards Gordon
  8. J Ski

    J Ski

    Hey, are there any companies hiring welders out there?
    I have American Welding Certification (AWS)
    for plate, 3/8 vertical and overhead.
    Also, certified commercial diver.
    Just curious, to see what's out there that
    would be more interesting than what I'm doing now.



    I don't know about other setups like this in Dubai, but I opened my account through these guys (clearing at Marex) and so far so good.

    If you want, I can ask about backing possibilities for you? and I don't think theres salary, just a profit split (50/50, 60/40, whatever)

  10. as a diver you'd find lots of opportunities .
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