Anyone in Chile??

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Trimanni, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Trimanni


    Hi i´m new here and i want to meet somebody who trade in Chile or anywone who want to live here and trade.
    I have been on this for the last 5 month and i want to interchange experiences and mabye do something together.

    Regards, Cristián G.
  2. What do you want to trade. Please
    specify. What is it that you need. If you have an inside let me know?Please specify.
  3. What's it like to trade from there ? I hear Chile has done well in recent years. Its such a loooonnng country !!:)
  4. Trimanni


    Hi, just i want to know some people in the busines here in Chile.
    I have been studing and paper trading on the NYSE and NASDAQ stocks. I`m principiant and i need more opinions about the busines. Thanks!!
  5. Trimanni


    Hi i´m not a professional trader actually i´m working now on other busines, but in my opinion it`s a really nice and cheap place to live and trade, good internet conections, beautifull places to go, save, if you live in Santiago you take your car and go to the beach in 1 hour or to the snow on 45 mins.
    If you need some help or information from here just let me know... Good luck!!

  6. I've spent some time in Chile (Puerto Montt, Lake District and Chaiten/Futalefu areas). I loved the people and the country and would love to spend November through Feb there every year.

    I have heard good things about Pucon. Is it possible to get reliable broadband there? Has property prices been run up there or is it still reasonable.

    Any other places you'd recommend for that time of year? I'm not that interested in Santiago. I'm not a big city person.
  7. Pucon is ok, but once you've climbed the volcano and done the few other things there are to do there, I reckon it would get a bit boring. It's a bit too touristy as well.

    If I were you I would go for the coastal areas : Valparaiso and Vina del mar might be a bit too urban for you, but that's where I would stay if I were to stay for a few months. Another nice little place not far from there I went for a few days with Chilean friends was called Maitencillo, where you can find bungalows with access to the beach.

    Then further north there's La Serena which can be an option... I wouldn't go further north though, Iquique might be ok but Antofogasta and Arica are not worth it. But I would definitely not go too far south of Santiago, the weather is crap.

    Of course if San Pedro de Atacama had better internet speed, that's where I would stay-nice vibes and loads of stuff to do, although it's become a bit of a mass tourism place like Pucon.

  8. I'm a mountain biker and whitewater kayaker. I've done some of the rivers further south in the lake district. They are world class. I've heard good things about the rivers around Pucon. I was told Pucon is similar in feel to some of the mountain towns of the US.

    Beaches are nice, but I tend to get bored.

    Isn't it awfully hot north of Santiago in Nov - Feb?

    My recollection of the climate was anyplace north of Puerto Montt seemed quite pleasant compared to winter in the NW US.