Anyone in Atlanta, GA?

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  1. sidm



    I live in midtown Atlanta (close to Georgia Tech).

    I am looking for collaborators to build an automated trading system. I have a math/programming background. I would love to meet up with people to work with or just discuss ideas and shoot the shit.

    Hope to meet (at least some of) y'all!

  2. Shadow23


    I live in cumming GA
  3. Lucrum


    I live in Canton, and I won't even drive to Marietta to eat at my favorite restaurant Smokey Bones.

  4. Try the sliced beef brisket with sweet bbq sauce at Sonny's.

  5. jwhtrades


    I live in Woodstock.
  6. fandyur


    I'm up in Blairsville, Ga
  7. 5yrs later...

    anyone above still around?
  8. fandyur


    I waited and waited.
    I figure I'd wait for 6 years for a reply.
    I'm up in Blairsville,ga

  9. I'm in the loganville/snellville are. Gwinnett
  10. fandyur


    So you're in Snailville.
    Before we discuss anything.
    I have an account at PFG.
    I don't know if you heard the news but NFA has frozen all accounts, it seems the owner was stealing money.
    I am looking for a new broker.
    Could you recommend one.
    I trade in the futures market, mostly Eurodollars.
    I trade 1 to 3 contracts at a time, small $5000 account.
    Any info would help.
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