anyone in ALABAMA?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by cashmoney69, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Hello, wondering if there are any traders in the birmingham, al area.

    thx for your posts :D
  2. Cash, I am in Boringham. Also, one of the mods on ET is here as well. I converse with him quite a bit.
  3. what kind of trader are you, day, swing...?
    and how many years have you been trading?

    just curious

    I'm 19 and want to get into the market after this christmas, I'm going to open an account at either e-trade or ameritrade hopefully.
  4. pinabetal


    I was traveling monday and stopped at Books - a - Million in birmingham in the afternoon and talked to a young man wanting to start trading. He was in the section where the books on trading are at. You wouldn't happen to be that young man would you?
  6. pinabetal, no that was not me although i do spend alot of time there.

    eacher, I'm just throwing this out on the table, but would you consider coaching someone interested in starting a career in trading?... of course, I would pay you for your time.