Anyone hiring clerks in Chicago? CME CBOT CBOE

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by wanttotrade, May 6, 2005.

  1. Anyone hiring clerks or trader assistants in Chicago? CME CBOT CBOE

    I am interested in starting from the bottom can anyone help?
    I do not have experiece in this field but I have been self employed for 10 years now and I am looking for a career change.
  2. you talking floor clerk or upstairs clerk ?

    alot has changed in the last 5-10-15 yrs
  3. For jobs on the floor, I'm told its tough.

    I went back to school 6 months ago to study trading. A friends relative I know trades in the CBOT bean pit, and he used to be able to get new runners and clerks on the floor there. Recently when I tried pursuing that avenue, I found out that floor trading has diminished to the point that he couldnt even help me out.

    Not saying opportunities arent there, but they're tough to come by.

    Good luck !
  4. Too bad, though. I got my start as a CBOT runner, and it was a wonderful experience. Although I can't remember if they ever paid me anything...
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    t boy

    Now is not the time to be looking for jobs on the floor. I just left there after 15 years and business is going electronic quickly. You are better off trying to hook up with a brokerage house in their own trading room. If you have a Series 7 that will be helpful getting in the door.
  6. It's all but dried up now. One guy has had about 30 people ask him if they know anybody looking to hire on the floor. And the common response: "No"

    Go upstairs.
  7. is GLOBEX ( GL software ) another way or another version of CME GLOBEX Trader ?
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    Message me, I know a lot of people on the floor.