Anyone here using TTN?

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  1. I think I received an unfair quote from them. Please pm me if you are a subscriber.
  2. That service sucks.

    They should rename it...."Trade The News 5 minutes after it's been out because we're too incompetent to read it in a timely manner".
  3. i use TTN and most of the stuff they broadcast beats most newswires, very rarely do they make mistakes.
  4. That's funny. :D

    Here is how TTN works 80% of the time...

    1) Story hits Bloomberg, Reuters, Dow Jones, etc.

    2) Stock starts ripping/dumping

    3) Briefing runs story

    4) 30 more seconds pass

    5) TTN announces the news

    That is how they operate for the large majority of stock specific news.

    For economic numbers the are usually very good and very fast...for individual stock news though, they are horrendous.
  5. I have learned the hard way not to trade any "LBO chatter" stocks coming from TTN or any other news source, because the move has happend 99% of the time before any one of them reports it, if i happen to be in the position before the news hits the wire, for example if i somehow noticed the stock has alot of buying activity and rips, then hits the wires, i will look to close my position at that point.

    As far as reporting, i have personally heard shit being reported on stocks b4 briefing shows it, more times than not. I wouldnt base my trading on a service like TTN, but its very good to have, i like it better than briefing.
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    i disagree longhorn as i think ttn is an awesome service. nobody i've seen has earnings as spot on as them. there within a second or so of being instant. i had them and news strike up a few times one earnings and they're much faster. if news stike sucks show me a human voicebox faster?ihave and its a good 30 seconds to 1 minute slower on everything
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    They are all slow relatively speaking. I believe Briefing is a pump and dump operation. They seem to call out many "LBO chatter" calls, however soon after they call them out they top and drop. I think they give you one timely call out of 20...kinda throw you a carrot and screw you on the other 95% percent.

    TTN is ok, they certainly aren't as fast as the wires, but of course that would be impossible if you think about it. The have to read them too. They are OK though. I would say they are better then Briefing or thier other production Brieifing Trader, which is a complete waste.
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    Briefing are doing a 7 day trial on Trader. Frankly its a load of bollocks IMO... I'll prob cancel it in the next day or so even tho I only had it a couple of days. Normal briefing is OK tho. Is there anything better than briefing?
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    Where do I start, Had the trial service it and showed some potential. WHAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF WAS WHEN I TRIED TO GET THE FUCKING SOFTWARE OFF MY COMPUTER. It crashed my system so hard that I couldn't get access to any part of my hard drive. It does not come with a removal application and I still can't find where that piece of shit software is buried in my computer.

    Good Luck
  10. Another great timely call on the COCO news.

    One of the "news readers" finally got around to reading the news 2 full minutes after it hit Bloomberg and Reuters.

    Trade the News SUCKS...plain and simple.

    Avoid this service.
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