Anyone here using Testosterone Replacement?

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  1. I won't pretend to know the science, but it does appear you're playing a bit fast and loose with it:

    And here's some context on the estrogen thing:

    Oh, and this:
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  2. Pekelo


    I got curious about the world wide trend and found this:

    " The study, which was funded by the health ministry, concluded that the Japanese men appeared to have a higher sperm count than men from Northern Europe, but slightly lower than men from Spain."

    "Lowest sperm concentrations and total counts were detected for Danish men, followed by French and Scottish men. Finnish men had the highest sperm counts. "

    I would like to know the data from 3rd world countries for a comparison. Hey, anyone knew the seasonality?:

    " A general seasonal variation in sperm concentration (summer 70% of winter) and total sperm count (summer 72% of winter) was detected. "

    Slightly related, but if you want to cut down your risk of prostate cancer:

    "According to ATTN, it found that those who blew their load“five to seven times per week were 36 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer compared to those who ejaculated less than two times per week.”
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