Anyone here using Testosterone Replacement?

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    I agree with you @Baron and although no doubt I will need to go on TRT at some point, i would like to delay that time as far as possible.
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    I was surprised at the bit about increasing thyroid numbers, a short online search shows the contrary :

    Did you get very different information and results Baron, or anyone with feedback on the topic ?

    I'll add a thyroid test to my next bloods btw, it was OK at the beginning of the year but wondering whether it has changed.
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  3. Baron

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    The addition of testosterone didn't affect my thyroid levels. We discovered my thyroid numbers were naturally on the low end after I did my initial bloodwork at the first HRT appointment. So I got prescribed HCG for the test boost and a T3/T4 combo to get my TSH number up.
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    "You won't get a huge boost from test-boosting supplements. I measured about 320 total test at one point, started taking "everything" (all the usual stuff) e.g. Magnesium, Zinc, D3, Boron, Ashwaganda etc. I retested later and had brought total test up to about 450? Something like that. Enough to feel stronger and more energetic, better quality of Life. But nothing mind-blowing."
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    Yeah, the vast majority of those test boosters are junk.
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    The point of my post was that the guy did increase his testosterone by 40% just by using supplements. Now you may say that isn't much and you could be right, but that still means some natural supplement does work up to a point.
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    Actually I found the increase noteworthy as well, but keep in mind test levels are not stable, so some difference from blood test to blood test is expected ( I suspect as much as 40% isn´t expected but it´s only 120points)
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  8. I have experienced the same results. feeling stronger with more energy, using the same supplements, magnesium, zinc and boron. I also eat quite a bit of broccoli and avocado, both nutrition rich. What I have found is that using these more natural supplements it will take months, usually many months, before any noticeable changes can be realized.
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    I'm on Test Enanthate through my Doc. 42 yo. It's nothing short of a God send. Sleep, energy, stamina, motivation, sociability all dramatically improved. Testosterone is quality of life in a shot. I'll never go off.

    Adding Naturally Dissected Thyroid hormone shortly. Unfortunately have a pre-existing condition originating as a side effect from a pharma drug (propecia), so Testosterone replacement alone doesn't do it for bedroom enhancement. Have to add other stuff.

    I've tried dosages between 90mg - 105mg a week. 105mg a week puts me in the higher end of the range (32 out of a lab scale of 7 - 37).

    Really helps to dose using a static interval (every 4 days, every 5 days, every 6 days etc), instead of splitting the dose every 3/4 days to make a complete "week". Keeps estrogen and T levels more stable.

    Testicular atrophy wasn't much. Maybe 20%. I've been on 3 years now? Not concerned. Meatheads get their girls pregnant all the time while on cycle. Fertility clinics prescribe clomid or HCG to stimulate male fertility, if needed to conceive. So not concerned at all in terms of fertility side effects.

    My Doc had me on both T replacement and HCG but estrogen sides were too heavy. I tried Androgel. All that did is put dark hair on my stomach and arms. Testosterone replacement definitely makes me hairier. Chest, shoulders, back, neck, legs etc etc. I was always a pretty smooth skinned white dude. No more. Have to manscape now. Small price to pay.

    On 105mg a week I can eat donuts, ice cream, cake, cookies, chocolate 4 times a week and still look great. Flat stomach. Its alot fun. :D

    I would also add the best looking guys are those who cruise low T doses and never go off. Traditional steroid cycles for gym guys look like 1000mg a week androgens x 14 weeks, followed by HCG restart, and then they go completely off. Maybe they cycle twice a year. The problem with heavy, short androgen cycles is they promote major water retention, bloating, big stomachs, and lower muscle quality. Low dose, always real estrogen sides, bloating, great muscle quality = mens health and fitness look. Check out Barons pics.
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