Anyone here using Testosterone Replacement?

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  1. anyone using it? If so, for how long? Injections or gels?
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    Yeah, I've been doing about 150mg - 200mg per week for the past year via every other day injections. You don't have to do them that frequently though. I just prefer to do it that way because the injections are smaller and it keeps your blood levels more stable that way. I am 47 years old, just FYI.
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  3. I was using 45 mgs every mon day and thursday( 90 mgs ler week) and may levels were constantly in the 800’s.
    I may start again but drop the dose to 35 mgs every monday and thursday and hopfully stay in the 600’s.
    If my levels get too high, my DHT levels go much too high. What are your DHT levels like?
    What are your T levels at your dosage?
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    I assume your running E or Cyp?Possibly overkill the way you administering but each individual responds differently so best to do what you're happy with.
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    Very much interested but so far have only gone through the clomid HCG bitherapy option, last I checked it got Test levels to 875 from 400 and has the advantage to Not shut off hpta, so allows One in theory to stop the treatment and get back to his pretreatment levels, some doctors seem to hope sone patients Would stay at higher levels than pretreatment. Yet it s not without side effect.
    Why do u ask op ?
    Also fwiw if Going for trt via injectable test I d probably do some higher dosed cycles on and off, which i refrain from atm. Pretty easy to follow from here as all trt related products Are available otc but its not without inconvenience to sign up for Life into some treatment, and back in the West not all countres seem to be trt friendly. Sounds like a hassle as well for someone travelling a lot although long acting test esters seem to be very helpful for that purpose
    A bit worried about test influence on the body as well, but sure wouldn t mind Going around with test levels over 1000
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  6. HCG will shut down your natural T production since it “ mimics LH “ production. Hence the body stops producing LH. Clomid will not shut down your natural Production.
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    My T levels are just shy of 1200. I don't recall my DHT levels being out of range but my estrogen was high so I take a natural supplement to keep that in check. I will pay attention to DHT level next time I get everything checked and report back.
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    Yes, from what I understand it mimics LH and stimulates testosterone production in the testes, quite different from shutting off testosterone production while injecting test, which will take a long time to return naturally. Saw blood tests results after discontinuing HCG where the test levels went back at pretreatment levels fast (I thought they went DOWN to pretreatmant levels fast, not to zero than back), and I stopped over the summer, when using HCG without clomid, without any issue. My LH levels were 2.98 btw, in the lower half of the range before using HCG.

    Curious to read more of input here, TRT is not quite a simple matter.

    BTW clomid only at 25mg eod or HCG only, around 360iu eod, only took my test levels to 600.
    Aromatisation seems to depend on how someone react, without aromasin (or other AI most likely ) my levels get to quite high levels, not ideal.
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    Here in Florida, a doctor will always prescribe HCG along with Testosterone for the purpose of preventing testicular atrophy. I think that's a law here if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Hcg minics LH, its derived from urine of pregnant women. Since it acts as LH, it stimulates the testes into producing testosterone. This stimulation also maintians testicular size.
    That said, since it merely mimics LH , natural LH is now suppressed because hcg is doing its job for it. Clomid will help minimize this but it depends on the dose and duration of hcg. As for DHT, its 5 times more androgenic than testosterone and is responsible for most unwanted side effects such as Hair loss, prostate enlargement, and acne. Dht is somewhat of a natural anti estrogen though. Still, you dont want high levels of dht for sustained periods of time.
    The range for DHT is 35-75 i believe. also, sustained levels of Testosterone over 1000 may feel good but it can eventually have a negative affect of the cardiovascular system. Thats almost a steroid cycle and you run the risk of raising LDL, lowering HDL, and enlarging the heart.
    A level of 1200 is very unnatural. This can prematurely lead to prostate enlargement which most men get after 50 anyway. BPH ( prostate enlargement) is basically a quality of life issue. You may already notice waking up at night to urinate and perhaps your urine stream is weaker than it used to be. It can take you longer to fully empty your bladder. Those are signs of bph.
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