Anyone here use FXCM mobile/Questions

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Robertwiz, May 22, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone here use FXCM mobile?

    If so, how reliable is it and how good are the charts? What type of charts are there and what features are available on the charts?

    In a general sense, what is the best way to trade Forex on the go.

  2. 3rdWaver



    I've been using it with demo account for few weeks now. It's pretty OK but have few major drawbacks (in general seems unfinished yet):

    - charting is less then basic, just 5 min line chart. Although there's an option, switching to 1h timeframe only returns an error message
    - I couldn't find a way to post an entry order with set stop loss and profit taking levels. These options are also shown but disabled

    As for the charting on Android there's a quite interesting platform called Trade Interceptor, proper charting features available on Android.

    Hope it helped a bit and cheers
  3. I used to use a white-label of it. But stopped for a while.
  4. 3rdWaver


    OK, found a way to setup OCO stop-loss / profit taking order. Bit cumbersome:

    1. submit one of these orders and move it to OCO category
    2. submit another one
    3. go to OCO orders list and tap and hold ID of the OCO order (not the order itself below the ID)
    4. a dialogue opens to add an existing order to OCO group - use the other order created in step 2.