anyone here use an Apple I-MAC ?

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  1. anyone here use an Aaple I-MAC for trading? just curious as to how you like it. i was in an apple store today and fell in love with it. they all had these huge screens and just looked sleek.
  2. not me, i use 8 screens.
  3. Marcell


    They have huge screens indeed. I trade on the new MacBook Pro and it couldn't be better. Performance is excellent with WinXP.

    I trade on a Mac because I'm a passionate Mac enthusiast. I wouldn't buy it just for trading purpose, though. There is simply no trading software for it.

  4. I don't know how you get by with 8. I need 80.
  5. kbehr


    I use the MacBook pro with boot camp (because RealTick only worksd with Windows). I also use the Apple 30 inch monitor as a second screen. Works great...have had no problems.
  6. apple is great. I use both systems.

    Apple G4 had bad problems with the fan cooling system, and it would make large bursts of noise (like an engine roar), because of problems with cooling the motorola chip.

    That's why they replaced the chips with intel by G5.

    Long story short, they gave me a brand new G5 with double memory (2G to 4G!).
    No charge.

    Apple is Waaaaay better than fry's and windows based electronic stores., etc on support. They have been outstanding on support, even when they couldn't fix problems. They just replaced the items, no lip service.
  7. I'm using a Mac Pro, running TWS, QTracker, NinjaTrader, iQfeed, and some other goodies.

    So far, it has been very nicely bahaved with Parallels.

    I have yet to really push NT, but I hope to do that very soon. I also hope to test drive AmiBroker soon.

    The trick would be load the iMac with as much memory as possible.

    I'd love to know what Mac/OSX accounting software traders are using with their IB data.

    BTW, the TWS Mac software appears to be just as fast/solid as the windows version. But I think I need to run it under windows so the other windows based apps cab access IB API. please correct me if I'm wrong.


    BTW... this is my 1st post and I have enjoyed reading the the various ET forums. You'all have a nice place here. Thanks for the effort.
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    G5 is an IBM chip, not an intel chip. I wish they had changed chips earlier, but alas I'm still not running windows natively on my PowerMac G5.
  9. I have had my system running on a MacBook, MacMini and an iMac. I only need a max of 2 screens....

    I run TWS inside OS X Java.

    I use AmiBroker inside of Crossover.

    I have tested NT, MC and a few others inside of Parallels and Fusion. They work just great.

    Everything humms along. On either system, without issue.

    Currently I use the 20" imac and a 20" screen.

    Previously I milked my macbook with a 19" screen.

    I have an automated Trading system running along with my manually entered trades. I sleep peacefully at night. LOL.
  10. Ballard


    Was installing Windows a bitch? That is something I hope to never never have to do again, which is my main concern with purchasing a Mac, and running MS. Not interested in running parallels. During trading hours, it would be a dedicated machine for trading. Off hours I'd run the Apple OS.

    Last time I did a fresh Windows install, it took about three days with phone support. Driver nightmares, partition nightmares, etc.
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