Anyone here trade at First North Trading corp?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by huge230, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Lippy


    all i said is, that i heard it sucks for nasdaq and that that could have changed, i also said i have never tried it. and i also said that i currently only like laser AND that that may change.
    u have a stick up ur ass or something? why are you so offended by that?
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  2. Hey nothing personal , but at least this guys make effort to talk in your language. Im sure you understand what he means.

    If you dont understand just dont reply them.

    He trade at my office in Quebec city , Canada and there the native language is french.

    Anyway if anybody have questions about First Nat you can PM me or email me.

    Have a good Trading day

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  3. r-in


    I actually wasn't trying be a jerk, I really thought it might be easier to understand if left to translate. I've actually thought that might be a good function for forum websites, the ability for someone to type in their native language and have it translated to the language of the person reading it automatically. Possibly leading to less confusion. As I pointed out to Nordik in a pm I wish more Americans actually spoke english instead of their fractured version. I make no claims that anyone is required to speak English, and sorry if it was taking that way.
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