Anyone here Trade 10% of a companys Float?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by F-Trader, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Sorry, I meant Daily Volume.

    I was trading a well known NASDAQ stock today (don't want to say name) and I noticed I traded over 120k shares which was 10% of the Daily Volume traded today.

    I couldn't believe it.:eek:

    I'm sure some of you here trade this way everyday. I was just curious who here does this type of trading.

    Do you only trade one stock?

    What type of volume do you do?

    I figure with my 10% I must have brought in another 10% of volume as well.

    Every time the stock rallied (stock fell $2.00 from open) and hit certain EMA's I kept buying my way up, selling, buying my way up, etc...

    I made several thousand $$$ so I thought I did alright.

    I'm was curious as to how some of you Big Hitters trade these stocks.


  2. Sounds like you're the big hitter.

    10% of Float, that's insane. Maybe 10-20% of daily volume, I've done that several times before.

    I'm guessing it was an active day for this low float stock. Wondering which one.
  3. Me, Big Hitter, LOL.:D

    My norm is 20-30k.

    This company avg 2.5M shares a day.

    Today they only did over 1 M, not sure why.

    It was actually a low volume day, it was near the LOD so I started to buy and got carried away.:D

    Next thing you know I'm over 120,000 shares.:eek:
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    what stock f
  5. Don't wanna say. I'm trading it tomorrow. Probably 200k Friday. :eek:

    Maybe if I don't do well Friday I'll tell you.
  6. Sorry, I meant 10% of Daily Volume.

    Not Float, that would be INSANE.
  7. If your holding this large a position, not just day trading it, you should call the company & get something out of them. I once got lots of cigars from consolidated cigar this way in the olden days.

    These days you gotta file a 13D with the SEC @ 5%
  8. !0% of the volume in itself means nothing. Its how you trade it,

    1% 10 X, 5% twice, you know what I mean.
  9. ozzy


    At one time:

    my dad and myself had all the outstanding options (out of the money) for a particular stock (multi billion dollar company). In my short career as a trader it was most likely my best trade.

    The second best I would have to say was the ~200K bombardier options (I don't know what percentage this was in regards to open interest but it was pretty big for me).

    Ahhhhhhh......the good old days.

  10. 10%? Shit, that's nothing. I've traded 100% of the daily volume! :)

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