Anyone here took Davey's course?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by qlai, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. qlai


    I see Kevin Davey is sponsoring this forum. Anyone here has had any experience with him? Kevin, let us know if you available here on ET.
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    Hi qlai -

    I am here, and am happy to answer questions traders might have. Might be best to set up separate thread for questions for me, and leave this one for any ET student members who want to comment.

  3. skaman


    Hi Qlai,
    the best trading course i took (still excited after 6 months). Key things i learned/got access to:
    • realistic expectations
    • process for development of own reliable strategies
    • strategies from SFClub members (sure, after fulfilling conditions)
    • importance of a portfolio approach
    Take care,
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    It might look suspicious, having a brand new user make his first post about my course, but this morning I did ask some students to share their experience - good or bad - with the Elite Trader community.

    So, I can confirm the above person is real, and did take the course. (There is a another trading forum out there with a similar user review thread, in case you are interested)...

    I'll try to stay on the sidelines of this thread - I'd rather have actual students speak. THANKS
  5. qlai


    So is having an account with TradeStation a pre-requisite? If I want to participate in the SFClub, do I need to submit strategies in Easy Language? Both back testing and forward testing is done in TradeStation?
  6. jlbishop


    I have taken his course - and I highly recommend it. Note that I've been a proprietary trader for about 4 years before taking the course. I can honestly say that at no point did Kevin teach anything that I disagreed with - and he opened up some new doors for me with respect to trading different asset classes through Futures (I have primarily traded stocks and ETF's on an intraday and swing basis). His approach is heavily based on Tradestation and associated technology, but there is no reason you can't perform similar research using Amibroker or Ninjatrader if you really want to go that route as the methods are fully disclosed.

    Another thing that I really appreciate about Kevin's approach: It isn't just a "here's the strategy that will make you instantly wealthy" marketing ploy. He does give you a worthwhile "starter kit" of strategies with edge - but the real value of the course is the emphasis on developing a PROCESS by which you can develop your own strategies that fit with your own risk tolerance and market beliefs.

    In the scheme of things - I'd say the course is just the beginning: There are many, many hours of follow up videos on how to do everything from a strategy development/incubation walk through to discussions of more mundane issues such as running multiple strategies on the same underlying, futures rollover, etc. You also have the opportunity to become part of a strategy factory community and cooperatively share your knowledge and work - but there is no "free ride". You have to participate and contribute in order to benefit from other's work. Kevin himself has been very responsive to any follow up questions/insights I've had since taking the course.

    Many people have asked me to recommend a trading educator to them over the years. I've only ever recommended two (Larry Connors was the other!), and Kevin is the only one still actively engaged in education.
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    The trading mentorship / education racket is dominated by bad actors and snakeoil salesman. Its lousy reputation is richly deserved. I can count on less than one hand the number of them I would trust - and Kevin is one of them. While I have not personally taken Kevin's classwork, I have met Kevin in person, I have worked with Kevin several years ago on a project outside of his education business, and from my personal experience he's one of the good ones.

    I congratulate Kevin and Baron on his sponsorship here at ET. I hope that Kevin will contribute to ET threads with posts on trading insights as that is sorely needed here on ET IMO.

    If a trading educator has had many clients over a protracted period of time, offers them up as references, and for the most part those clients appear satisfied - that's about all that can be expected.
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    Hi Bone -

    Thanks for the kind words. Seems like ages ago we shared lunch (Olive Garden?) in the middle of some Indiana cornfields. I remember having a great discussion about trading, markets, etc.

    Even though we have completely different trading approaches, it was fun swapping stories with another professional trader.

    Thanks for the welcome to ET!!

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    This is from a different thread. I moved it to here to not hijack the other thread...

    Thanks for question, I appreciate it.

    Currently I trade around 80 strategies. For many of them, if you traded them individually, you'd probably want $10-20K in your account. But the neat thing is, because of diversification, when you trade that many you do not necessarily need 10k * 80 = $800K to trade one contract of each. The trick is strategies have to be uncorrelated.

    For someone with $20K, I think you could likely trade 1-3 strategies, different markets, uncorrelated performance, etc. Then build from there. I started with less than that, with 1 strategy. The hard part is that if that first strategy fails, you are in trouble. It takes a while to build up your strategy count - both the develop good ones, and then to have capital to trade them.
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  10. Hello Kevin,

    What percentage of your systems are dependent on volatility being above baseline levels? Have you developed your own in house vol filter, that triggers systems to turn on and off?

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