Anyone here take CAIA? I am thinking

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  1. about signing up for the Level 1 exam. I want to get out of trading and into something more productive (for me).

    I was thinking I could use the CAIA exam as a segway into some type of alternative investments consultant or risk management profession.

    As I have been traing for 7 years I have forgotten a lot of my basic finance knowledge. Anyway, I would love to talk to someone about the CAIA.


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    Does anyone have past CAIA sample exams (2004, 2005, 2006) they can send me?
  3. Are you going to take it in Sept.?
  4. you guys missed the window. whats your excuse? march should be a little different? anyone know what to expect from march exams?
  5. Missed the window? I think you can register until the end of July for the Sept. exam.
  6. I'm taking the Level II in Sept.

    I've been in the industry for a while, so I did not think Level I was very difficult.

    Good luck !!! :D
  7. What does CAIA stand for? I am a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).
  8. aternative investments
  9. I am going to take it in Sep. , too.
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    Spyglass - I called CAIA and they mentioned that in the past the Level I exam included questions on basic financial instruments (stocks, bonds). The Sept. 2007 exam will focus only on alternative investments as stated in the Study Guide objectives. I am registered for the Sept. 2007 exam.
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