Anyone here play a musical instrument?

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  1. Any of you guys play an instrument? Guitar, Drums, piano?
  2. KCalhoun


    Sax, keys and elec guitar.
  3. tiddlywinks


    Electric Bass, 6&12 string acoustic guitar, sing.
    In the days of my youth, Member Local 10-208 Chicago Federation of Musicians, and
    member of SPEBSQSA: Barbershop Quartet -- lead, baritone.
  4. tango29


    Learned the trumpet in grade school, but never followed through, and would say no way I could play it today. Played drums for awhile, but never really well.
  5. Buy1Sell2


    upload_2022-1-17_21-31-23.png upload_2022-1-17_21-34-33.png
  6. Buy1Sell2


    I was told what it means to be a man.