Anyone here ordering the new Aston Martin?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by EMini-Player, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. I wish I could buy one. Ooogelee doogeleee!

    You seem to have a good taste for cars, what do you think of the new Lotus?

    Oh my.
  2. Which Lotus, the next-gen Espirit or the Elise? I would have to drive them to give you some credible feedback. I'm not crazy over the looks of the Elise, but considering the weight of the car, it'll probably be a lot of fun to drive; much like a go-kart. One of my friends has an Elise on order so I will definitely take it out for a spin as soon as the car gets here. :cool:

  3. Elise, for less than 40k is a good deal. I'm considering placing a deposit on one even though I can't buy it. See if I can make some money on it. Though I probably won't.

    Yeah, many aren't too into the looks. I happen to like them, obnoxious or not. I saw them all over London.

    Surely you know all about their handling abilities so I won't bother explaining why I like them.

    Yeah like a go cart, they're smaller than Miatas. Like a miata on steroids.
  4. Is it true that late model vettes handle really well (such as a 2003 model Cor)?
  5. i dont know mine is 30+ years old :( :)

  6. what year
  7. Mine's a 2001 and yes, it handles very well.

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