Anyone here making over $100k just trading ES ?

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  1. Anyone here pulling over $100k / year just trading the ES ?

    Some of you all might know me on these forums. Haven't been posting a lot lately. I've been out of the game for a few months. Moved across the country, and working day shift now instead of evenings so not trading. Might decide to work evenings soon, and I'm trying to pump myself up to trade.

    Last year I pulled $15k / yr trading the ES, but it was with plenty of blood sweat, and tears. I might be able to improve but its so damn hard. At my current job, if I work an extra shift ( 8 hours / week ) with time and a half OT, I will pull in about $17k extra. Its damn easy to get the OT, I can work more if I wanted to. So I'm trying to decide whether I should stick it out and improve my trading or just work the extra OT.

    I just want to know if there's any of you on these forums making over $100k / year trading strictly the ES ? Just looking for some motivation here.

    I know about the 90% failure rate, and I'm convinced its at least that or more !

    Ps: EMG if I see you post "99% of traders lose, they just lose", I'm going dump some baby powder on my hand, and bitch slap u, lol
  2. Dude, I make over $100k per day, and that's just trading one ES contract. How's that for motivation?

  3. Take the OT and don't look back.

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    Keep the job , forget daytrading.

    Swing trade, hold positions. Use Daily and 60min time frames.

    Look at the selloff from June1st to now, look at the ramp up from 9/1/10 to end of year.

    Enough said,,

  5. I'm not looking for advice ! Just wondering if there's anyone on these forums thats actually successful with the ES. I know there's some lurking around here. I've got a few PM's so thanks all.
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    Oh, ok, , sorry for offering the best advice anyone could give you regarding this business.

    It seems like you are too advanced for free advice.

  7. The question is incomplete since it does not say anything about account size. Obviously, that is an important part of the equation here.

    There are people who successfully day trade the ES and other markets. That`s all I need to know.

    I tried combining daytrading with a demanding full-time job and I lasted 8 months or so before I burned out. It`s just too tough, especially with my schedule where I consistently missed the open and could not do my preparation as I wanted to.

    Combining swing trading with a full-time job is a different story and very well possible.

    If I were in your shoes, I would work the extra hours and save up money for living expenses so that you can focus 100% on trading further down the road.

    You can learn an incredible amount about the market simply by backtesting bar by bar after the close. This will help you learn to know the market and build a method that you have trust in. When you have that, you don`t need to ask other people if it`s possible, you will know it yourself.

    Never attempt to trade unless you are extremely confident that you can actually make it.
  8. Why do you need to make 100 k per year trading? Your not making that now .. If you limited success with trading futures it does not matter what other people earn .. You should find what works for you & lower your earnings expectations first off. Trading may not be for you if money is your Only motivating force. Too many people think trading is easy way to make a ton of money.Yes their are traders making 100 k per yr trading futures & also their are some that can't earn a dime. It's hard work & you have to earn it. Better off to stay with the 9-5 job for your income. swing trading is a good way to stay in the market & earn some extra money possibly. Trading is not for everyone ..
  9. That's a good post. I'm surprised account size hasn't been brought up already.

    But why limit yourself to the ES? If you want to daytrade, wouldn't you want to trade whatever is moving? A lot of folks have moved over to the /cl. Just curious.
  10. Sometime it really amaze me when I visit this site.

    They are so many dreamers here that they think they can make a good living in trading by a account less than 25K ? They can only do 3 trades max a day and what the fxxx they think thay can make a good living by 25K account ?

    Some of them who think they are smart begin to switch to high levearage products like Future/Forex which is a route to suicide.

    A lot of them still think that they can grow 5K account to 100K, after reading all the BS losers (or broker Sponsor thread) who post in here.

    I have an account more than 500K and I only make about 1-2 % each month, and trade using a propriety but boring strategy (combine options and stocks) month to month, this is the strategy that I learned when I was in the prop firm. - P/s: This strategy is not the cheap cover call/protective put or stupid Iron Condors, this kind of text book strategies are a sure loser games.

    Indeed, I put a small money aside to do a daytrading as a test drive and it is always turn on to be a losers (as what EMG said). but this is just my little hobby with small money so I don't care.
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