anyone here making 7 figures a year doing this?

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    self explanatory
  2. ...I would like to personally High-Five` o_O that "7 figures a year" trader(s)

    A million a year only translates to approx. $4200 every business trading day.
    While that may sound like alot, and it is, it's doable...and not even that Wall St standards.

    A $10K trading account can generate 4K everyday...if you're willing to take on the risks, and are good and lucky.
    As your account gets larger and bigger...then you can play things much more safer and slowly, if you wish or prefer to.

    Kind of think of it like an old-fashioned video game...simply collecting points.
    The moment you think about money within trading...your head and psyche gets fucked and turned into pudding.
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  3. anyone here losing 7 figures a year doing this?
    self explanatory.
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  4. Actually @lawrence-lugar is right! Its nothing more than keeping score and collecting points. Just figure out a way to spend those points wisely.

    Ed Seykota's Rule #8 of trading
    #8. Plow money back into your trading portfolio. Don’t make a big profit and then run out to buy a new Porsche.

    With this month's bull market, most folks have made money to buy a ferrari or two. But its just a drawdown away from regretting your purchase! Just invest in education so you can do better!
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  5. no one here making 7 figs EVEN if you count the .00
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    I made a million and a half KRW while reading this. There, 7 figures for you :p
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    nonsensical statistic -40%/day. typo?
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  8. Show us some proof... Nobody can generate 4k a day consistently with a 10k account.... 40% a day consistently? Anybody who says they can is lying....
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    Of course not... it's a statement by LL... he uses those all the time...
  10. @lawrence-lugar, bro! You don't get a lot of love on here, do ya?
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