Anyone here have a view on whether AOC will be re-elected?

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  1. She is being "primaried" many times over of course with many opponents. Most notably being opposed by Michelle Caruso-Cabrera. This is good of course because Michelle Cabrera also has a big rack - although she has more miles on her- so El Cocho will not be depressed if she replaces AOC. Lookin out for you El Cocho.

    And that primary election is June 23.

    Note- I am most definitely not asking whether AOC should or should not be re-elected. We know the answer to that.

    I am not close enough to local politics in New York and want to keep it that way but some here might have some local insight. We all know that she is a complete commie airhead idiot and allegedly has no chance of being re-elected because she spends 5% of her time in her district and the rest out building a national image for herself. If only it were that simple though. These idiots tend to have massive idiot following - refer to Maxine Waters for more on this- and are hard to move out once they have thrown down root in DC. Also, he will bring in all the outside idiots from Hollywood to campaign for her. If Bernie were still lookin good that would work bigtime for her too, except his star power will have declined by the time primary comes, if not already.

    It would be sweet to knock her off though. But I just doubt that she is the easy target that we all think. Ditto for Ilan Omar. Any reasonable mind would think that she will be gone. Unfortunately, reasonable minds do not prevail in her district, otherwise she would not have been elected the first time around.

    YES- AOC will be re-elected. She is an idiot but they love her there and she has name recognition and being a commie is not a problem these days.


    NO- AOC will not be re-elected, what the fuck are you talking about? AOC is gone. They will toss her sorry arse out. She doesnt care about jobs or her own district.

    What sayeth thee?
  2. Ok seriously....

    Michelle C-C is 53 years old.... AOC is 30..

    breasts don't age like wine they age like bread....
  3. Banjo


    I wouldn't bet against her. Maxine Waters gets re elected in perpetuity.
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  4. Probably there is not going to be any swimsuit competition phase of the dem debates there in NY anyway.
  5. No lie there.

    El Cocho that is not an invitation for you to comment on Maxine Waters' breasts.

    Let's just pass on that.