Anyone here has experience with Amp Trading?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by hippie, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Jreality


    I had no problems with them , but, after the MF Global debacle, I got nervous about "futures-only brokers" and I decided to close out my account at the beginning of the year. I was using NinjaTrader for free, with the Zen-Fire feed, which is more expensive than another feed that they started promoting more recently. I was paying around $4.82 round trip for ES trading.
  2. Jreality


    Actually, they still send me monthly statements via email, with all zeros even, even though I pulled the money out a long time ago. It is kind of strange to still be receiving statements.
  3. Ha ha Has anyone seen the inside cover of Oct Futures magazine?

    Amp Futures has the 1st issue of:


    I trade, therefore I amp!

    They call me the AMPMAN. I stand for cutting edge technologies. Cheap commisions and excellent customer service.

    It's a cartoon magazine cover. Amazing.
  4. "AMP Clearing" = NON-Clearing FCM.

    Might have named it "AMP Retail"
  5. AMPMAN says KAPOW!