Anyone here from Vietnam ?

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  1. Anyone here from Vietnam ?
  2. i'd like to hear about this also. wondering about net there, as well as how difficult it would be to stay for an extended length of time.
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    actually they stay all day on the net, for some reson the internet rate is dirt cheap over there.
  4. yes, but is it fast and stable? and is it available in any of the popular beach resort areas? most 3rd world countries, even those with big expat communities such as Thailand, only have good net connections in the capitol cities. I check up on Phuket on a regular basis, and it is still slow there for example.

    i hear great things about Nam, and they have about 1000 miles of undeveloped coastline. tropical coastline. nice people too.
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    planning an extended stay in SE asian myself and have the same question.

    i also have the same issue w/Thailand- agree that Phuket and other beach (as well as Chiang Mai) do not have a reliable connection for trading. hell, Bangkok isn't even as reliable as i'd like for my kind of trading. Cambodia is out. Indonesia, Phillipines and Malaysia too. my understanding is that Shanghai and other major cities in China should be ok (any input appreciated).

    it's a bitch, as i really don't want to spend all my time in Japan, SIN and HK.
  6. I hear ya. The real fun is in the tropical beach places. Unfortunately, most of em are 3rd world. I lived in Sing for awhile and that got old pretty fast. How many trips to Bintan can one do on weekends?