Anyone here ever hear of a guy using the name Grumpee?

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  1. Just curious if anyone here has run across a guy using the nickname Grumpee in any chatrooms, Hotcomm, Paltalk or otherwise? He showed up in a room I've been hanging out in and all the sudden has come up with his own room and the devoted followers. I've seen enough of these that I wanted to know if he has been around before doing his schtick? Or perhaps he is for real.
  2. Yes I have heard of him..LOL!!! I know what room he has floated over to now....LOL! Ask him if he can define his system well enough to get it automated...LOL! :D

    Actually, he found the perfect (temporary...LOL) room indicator package without an entry/exit methodology. :eek:
  3. Can you be any more specific on him? I would love to be able to confront him with something concrete about his validity to maybe save a few people soem money. At this point he looks good, but they all do until you figure out the scam. My 2 cents are he is screwing up a room that had alot of good info. shared freely. Feel free to pm if you don't want to post here.
  4. I will send you a pm later..I know someone that has been it that room a long time and he is going to call me again after the market closes.
  5. Go to Hotcomm, Relay1, Kwikpop....he's in there. :)

    They also setup a new room starting today...TradesRoom in Hotcomm.... $250/mo. :D
  6. Yes, it looks like he is locked up in their new room. No one seems to be jumping to the free room slamming him, but I gather its only been open a day or two.
  7. Yes this is the "no defined" risk:reward per trade calls..those can get ugly fast. :eek:
  8. That doesn't seem to be true according to what I just heard in their regular room. Guy said there is a 1-1.5 stp and then take profit and move stp to breakeven on the trade. By any chance are you bashing for the sake of it?
  9. No..I know someone that is in the room and he mentioned to me last night on the phone there were trades like a different chat room guy we used to know a couple of years ago. I will get an update in a few days and I will let you know.
  10. are a fucking joke, liar, and shill...

    Mytrades room is a joke...I know because I spent a couple of months in the room...hoping it would live up to it's claim...

    I doubt grumpee had ever made more than a fry guy at your local Mickey D's with his calls. He was always cancelling trades that he would call. Most of his calls are placed so far from the market that they never get triggered...

    And Lavendar...oh boy...where do I start....she is a retard.....she claims to be some good trader..but she couldn't trade her way out of a paper bag...At one point...she mentioned her "landlord....blah..blah..."......landlord?....why the hell would I listen to someone who's doesn't even own their own home when I'm trying to make six figure's from trading....

    word of advice to newbies..if the the moderator can't make more than the fry guy at McDonald's..ask yourself, how are they gona help you make a living trading?

    Save your money on mytrades
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