Anyone here do combat duty ever?

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  1. Just curious.
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    Operation Praying Mantis in 1988 on board USS Lynde McCormick: I didn't realize at the time that it was the largest naval surface combat operation since WW II. Notice that pic of the burning Iranian warship on the Wiki page. I first saw that pic in the days after the battle when we were tied up next to a tender for maintenance, they had it posted on the mess decks. It was kind of amazing to see it again all these years later. I've even found some of my shipmates on facebook.
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  4. 4th Battalion, 11th Marines. I was a Radio Operator in an Arty unit. Was also "volunteered" to spend 3 months T.A.D. with 1st Force Recon cause 2531's were getting killed as fast as they were going out. Somehow, at 6'5" I didn't get my head blown off. Some radio chatter reminds me of it.
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