Anyone here can help advise with Algo on Trading Technologies

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by theriddler, May 14, 2020.

  1. I want to develop an automated trading system on particular intramarket calendar spreads to trigger rotating orders when a technical indicator crosses.

    If possible have a few questions:

    1: Can the script be updated easily to desired new calendars during rollover of volume?
    2: Can there be up to 5-8 running at once if needed? Would obviously start with one and then grow,
    Example Calendar July-August LE, Crossover of Ichimoku Cloud base and conversion lines, trigger long/short position?

    If this is all ridiculous, I apologize. One thing I learned in life is if you do not know but can imagine it, ASK.
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  3. Thanks You Patrick I will look into this. So we need TT pro to do this correct? Regular TT for example on Tradestation Futures Plus will not do this?
  4. You need TT Pro in order to access to the Analytics block in ADL.
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    As @Bernard111 mentioned, yes, The Analytics block is in ADL and access requires a Pro license.

    Also, keep in mind, Analytics block does not support Ichimoku Cloud at this time. Those indicators would have be constructed from scratch.
  6. Sounds good gentlemen, thank you for the responses. I will trade manually until I can get that situation sorted out. I still love the platform so much.