Anyone here bought a motorcycle lately?

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  1. I've been looking to get back to riding, and am narrowing down bikes, but am curious on the process of buying a new bike. It's been awhile and I always bought used so could negotiate, but now looking at new and am wondering whether the dealers negotiate on new bikes? Looking at a Ducati 898 or 1098, or a Honda CBR 600 or 1000. Yes, rice bike or a pasta bike, all crotch rockets, blah, blah, blah. lol I prefer the seating position of a sport bike over a cruiser, and I may look at the Harley they finally brought over here from a Europe only position. My main question is the negotiation part. I know Harley dealers for quite a few years got away with a premium and no negotiating, so I want to know how much I can push now, or at all.
  2. you like sitting with your ass up in the air?

    how about a Victory?
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    The one and only bike I've bought was new from a dealer but they had pretty deep discounts already so no negotiating.

    I'm guessing it partly depends on the dealer. It never hurts to ask.

    Don't know which part of the country you're in but if in the SE you might look at
    Southern Honda Power Sports at In 2004 when I bought they had the best prices in this region bar none.
  4. Lol, I guess. I had a cruiser for a couple years and my back was always worn out after a trip. On the other hand the position of a sport bike(butt up as you say) is more comfortable on the road, at least for me.
  5. I'm up in Wisconsin, so I will have to deal with the wrath of Harley fandom if I don't buy Harley.
  6. can't look cool on a crotch rocket.

    sit way back with feet up on the pegs.. add a pair of ape hangers ..that's a cruiser! that's :cool:

    ps real uncool with your ass up in the air :eek:
  7. Went and looked at a Honda shop and found a Demo 97 CBR 1000RR with under 500 miles. Asking $7600 and sales guy said they are loaded with inventory of previous year models from Honda, so they are ready to make a deal. So much for a brand new bike probably. Gonna go look at the Harley shop at the V Rod and XR 1200 today, and the Ducati shop tommorow.
  8. I just sold my '97 Yamaha YZF-600R
    Put 25,000 miles on it and just wasn't riding it anymore . . . Too much traffic, too many potential accidents in the making, and very exhausting making any kind of trip thru traffic out here.

    I am not sure how old you are, but always a good idea to price out your motorcycle insurance before hand, especially on the new bikes.

    Also, depending on your age, you might want to try and stay away from the Ducati's and other sport bikes that have you leaned over the bars with lots of pressure on your back and wrists.

    You might want to go for more of a nimble sport-touring bike that has a bit more of an UPRIGHT riding position. That's what my YZF 600R had and it was much more enjoyable ( so was the torque that it had ) over say one of the racier R6's.

    Good Luck with your purchase!
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