Anyone Here Blog?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Pa(b)st Prime, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. I think we've got 60 blogs linked but if any ET'ers publish decent blogs we're happy to link.

    BTW,since our site is non-commercial I don't view this as spam.....
  2. very nice, Pabst. Been checking out that site for a bit, had no clue it was yours. great work and much needed!
  3. Thanks Surf! Much appreciated.
  4. Midas


    Nice site.
  5. Good Site Pabst! Don't know if its decent or even any good at all, but I've got a blog up for futures traders...mostly geared at ES and the Ags.
  6. Nice ES trade btw. I had nearly an identical entry/cover. You and me shoulda pressed and stuck.....

    Sounds like a country song.

    Fuck I shoulda stuck
    but I didn't want to press my luck

    With Hank and Ben on the wire
    Thought some comment could take us higher

    Now I'm flat as ES gets smoked
    Not adding to a winner
    is a losers choke.....
  7. cvds16