Anyone here average a million a day?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sbn, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. sbn


    Anyone here average close to a million or hundred thousand a day?

    If so, what your buying power?

    And what are you trading?
  2. Well not in dollars, but I was doing close to 1,000,000 MATAs a day...
  3. FredBloggs

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    me too.

    i made the equivilent of 1m iraqi dinars yesterday.

    once i even made a million yen too!
  4. That is a fairly broad question, as one is 10 times the size of the other. Even so, you are asking if anyone here earns between $25 Million to about $250 Million per year. What would be your guess?
  5. I did 1 million Turkish Lira yesterday $$
  6. sbn



    Has anyone ever made a million or a hundred thousand us or cdn dollars in a duration or a day ever?

    If so what was your buying power?

    and what were you trading?
  7. Doea a "Mata" count?
  8. actually if you read the first Trader Monthly Magazine, you'll see that Andy "braveheart" Preston, made more than 2millions in one day. Guess on what day??

    Sept 11

    he moved all his assets to euro gov. bonds , later donate 10% to the victims family
  9. kalinka


    There is a lot of people making +1 million per day.
    Unfortunately they are not daytraders!
  10. forex.

    prepare for a lot of harsh lessons....
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