anyone hearing NYC prop firm in trouble

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  1. i am hearing about a NYC prop/day trade firm that has suffered a huge margin call.this was late yesterday after the rally. guess most of the guys were short. i am also hearing the firm has been having margin problems for the past month.

  2. yes and it is a self clearing firm.
  3. Care to share which firm it is?

    If you don't want to post..can you PM me, just curious.
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    Yea Im curious too..
  5. Not going to post the firm name. They will be fine. Just glad my money is not there.
  6. I have no idea who it is. But the only possible self clearing prop firm out there is first new york. I also noticed they've changed there web site in the past week.It seems to provide no real info. the list is very short as few prop firms self clear.we'll know soon enough
  7. I thought hold and assent are both self clearing?
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    Please Pm me if u cant post the firm name
  9. You're right hold and assent do self clear . But a lot of assents money is segregated in customer accounts. But you're right it could be either one of them. If your money's sipc insured no big deal.But 100% of traders use first new yorks money
  10. Pm me too on who the firm is. I'm thinking of joining one soon and this is important info.
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