Anyone heard of TradePMR?

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  1. I didn't see them in the list of broker reviews, and nothing turned up in a search of ET.
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    I'd like to know too.

    So far with googling I've gotten very little useful info.
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    Some more digging -

    Their clearing & custodial firm is Stern Agee & Leach Inc.

    I posted a thread asking about them
    (diff thread for diff title)

    I emailed them and got a reply from Mr. Ferguson, the President. He has confirmed that TradePMR is an introducing broker with them for over 10 years. He considers them to have a "sound reputation in the securities industry". He further confirms that they are the custodian and clearing firm for all of TradePMR's customer accounts.

    So now the question is whether we can trust Stern Agee.
    I have also emailed SIPC regarding both firms and will update when I get a response.

    SIPC website - sorry for the delay, we are experiencing unusual call volume :cool:
    Hmmm, wonder why? lol
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    FINRA Reg#46350

    They have no disclosure events, but then they're just the introducing, so I would expect more with Sterne Agee, and there is.
  5. Thanks for the info v.