anyone heard of these guys

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    anyone hear anything good or bad .
    is there couse any good
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    "These guys"? Is that the name of a new firm or something?
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    Hey Hubert, hope things are well with your trading room. I subscribed to their free daily recap email for 6 months and received several of their premarket action emails and they were wrong as much as they were right. They were honest on each missed call and to why it was missed or busted. I learned alot from the services as to how floor traders think, but not nearly enough to justify buying the course. They made you think that's for sure.They definitely scalp for a few points on each trade.

    Worth subscribing to the free email service.


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    thanks B
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    how you been..... how you been trading
    dude your id is good stop buy any time
  7. I see at the top and bottom of his site, he has a list of 9 "Secrets of Floor Traders."

    I don't put a lot of trust in someone who is in the business of selling secrets.


    P.s. Here is the first paragraph from his website:

    .....10-15 years ago I was where you might be today. Loosing money trading, not being able to solve the puzzle of where the market will go and when it will do so.

    From the second paragraph:

    Trading can be very simple, but yet we all tend to make it difficult.

    I think Larry Levin needs to "loose" his web designer and find one who implements spell checking before publishing. But yet, maybe he also need a grammer checking program too. Nothing quite like a professional presentation to give the right first impression, eh?

    My impression is that Larry is definitely a "looser" "but yet" belongs on Don's list of snake oil salesmen.
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    man thats harsh

    i mess my typing and spelling up all the time.
  9. Do you type and spell for a living?

    This dude claims to be a successful trader (without any documentation to support that claim of course) and lives in "an affluent neighborhood in a northern Suburb of Chicago" yet he can't even afford to hire a web designer who can put out a professional publication?

    Third rate web publications indicate third rate products and services.
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    I trade for a living.
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